Prenatal Breastfeeding




90 Minutes, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM


In Virtual

This workshop is currently sold out.


Each parent and baby have innate connection response that make for their ideal breastfeeding “technique”. Facilitated by The WOMB’s International Certified Lactation Consultants, The WOMB’s prenatal breastfeeding classes will help you understand your baby’s biological needs right from birth and how meeting those needs will facilitate increased breastfeeding success and parenting confidence. The class will assist you in establishing a breastfeeding relationship with your baby(ies) from birth and troubleshoot any challenges that may arise.

  • how to establish a connection to your baby right from the beginning
  • how skin to skin contact helps establish breastfeeding
  • where breastmilk comes from and how to ensure a great supply
  • the essentials of knowing how to express breastmilk
  • what is ‘normal’ newborn breastfeeding behaviour
  • establishing a latch and positioning your baby at the breast
  • understanding the relationship between happy babies and full tummies
  • the role of partners in the breastfeeding relationship
  • what to do in special situations (jaundice, hypoglycemia, weight loss)
  • where to get support
  • ask questions and get answers!
  • $75 or $50 with a doula package!