Healing Circle for Infant and Pregnancy Loss





90 Minutes, 10:00AM – 11:30AM


In Person


At The WOMB, we support you through all aspects of your journey through parenting. The unfortunate reality is that for many, this journey includes loss. While we wish this weren’t the case, we also don’t shy away from it. Instead, we have created a safe and sacred space for you to begin processing your experience and moving through your emotions – now matter how long it has been. We know that you remember forever, so we are here for you always, whenever you are ready.⁠

Join us on for our FREE healing circle where we hold space for each other, while sharing about our journey after a loss(es). We will support each other as we talk about feelings that show up after a loss such as guilt, shame, grief, blame, doubt, pain, withdrawal, emptiness, etc. We end each circle with a meditation/prayer, visualization, mindfulness activity to help clear and renew our WOMB space. ⁠

The circle is facilitated by Zakira Saleh, Fertility Doula. The intention of this Healing Circle is to clear the birth energy field and bring in safety and spaciousness. We invite you to participate whether your experience of pregnancy or infant loss occurred recently or decades ago.⁠