Giving Birth With Confidence





2.5 Hours


In Person


Discover Evidence-based Practices for an Empowering Birth Experience! Increase Confidence in your decision-making and your ability to give birth! Learn powerful strategies to welcome your baby to the world with excitement & joy! Gather a variety of Comfort Measures and labour support strategies Practice movements, positioning, and working with labour sensations Increase your self-efficacy to create a positive & welcoming birth environment Optimize Birthing Hormones to reduce stress and aid labour progress Build resilience & develop an adaptive approach to challenges Expand your birth plan and add loads of resources to your toolkit! Learn life-changing skills that will serve you during pregnancy, both early & active labour, BIRTH, as well as infancy and parenting for years to come!  *This workshop is Inclusive & Compatible with ALL birth preferences!* *Support partners are both encouraged & welcome!*