Emerging Mothers 2





6-week series: 1.5 hour/ Session


In Person


Emerging Mothers II is a supportive group for moms (and babies) facilitated by one of our Social Workers. This specific EMII group is geared towards those moms who have more than one child. It’s no secret that the postpartum period is a time of huge adjustment when mothers often question themselves and worry. Doing this alone or in isolation can be overwhelming and unrewarding. Joining other moms and talking about the challenges, joys, and concerns of motherhood is one of the best ways of understanding this transition, receiving support, providing support, taking care of yourself and your needs, and reconnecting with others, yourself, and those around you. Every week, we will discuss a topic that is specifically relevant to this transition, such as sleep, identity shifts, relationship changes, reconnecting or reframing our needs, body image, and recognizing important emotional processes, such as shame, guilt, fear, and anxiety. Each class, you will be invited to share, to connect, to provide support, empathy and understanding, and most importantly, to understand yourself and grow through connecting with others’ experiences. Each class will also involve a reflection exercise to connect with the week’s topic in order to build on your strengths and gain new insight.