What is it?

An efficient and non-invasive method of healing all scars, even those from caesarean sections (c-sections) using the Dolphin Neurostim Device for MPS Therapy.

What does it do?

• Assists in reducing scar tenderness and pain.

• Increases tissue blood flow, sensation, and elasticity.

• Enhances functional outcomes, such as tissue strength and healing.

How Does It Work?

• The Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) releases low level electrical impulses along that scar that increases the tissue’s intercellular metabolism, protein synthesis, and healing function to accelerate the tissue’s regeneration process.

• It assists in reducing muscular and fascial adhesions and restrictions resulting in a less painful and softer scar with increased overall mobility.

• With the help of this treatment, the patient can resume daily activities with minimal pain.

* Please note, the MPS is not recommended for the following conditions: pregnancy, pacemaker, prosthetics, or tumours and cancers.

Scar Release Therapy can have many benefits including:

  • Reduce Scar Tenderness and Pain
  • Increase Blood Flow to Tissues
  • Increase Tissue Sensation
  • Improves Scar Mobility
  • Reduces Scar Tissue
  • For ALL Scar Types!
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Postpartum Care

Scar Release Therapy can be used on Cesarean Scars as early as 6 weeks postpartum, up to 20+ years postpartum! • Increasing sensation in the abdominal region
• Decreases Pain and Tenderness
• Accelerates the healing process
• Reduces tightness at the scar and surrounding area

• Aids in Diastasis Recti Healing
• Help you feel like yourself again!

Family Services

Scar Release Therapy can be used on all scar types such as:

• Cesarean Section
• Appendectomy
• Breast Reduction
• Mastectomy
• Post Surgical
• Athletic Scars

Our Scar Release Practitioner

Dr. Michelle Zemari - Chiropractor - The WOMB Vaughan

Dr. Michelle Zemari

Chiropractor & Scar Release Practitioner

Dr. Michelle Zemari is a family Chiropractor and Acupuncture provider with a special interest in prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric care. She...

Frequently Asked Questions About Scar Release Treatment

You can start as early as 6 weeks post-surgery or 20 years later! Our practitioners have has success treating scars of all ages.

Yes! This treatment is performed by a Chiropractor and thus is eligible for reimbursement under Chiropractic benefits as part of their treatment plan.
Treatment can cause mild to moderate discomfort, but should not hurt. Your practitioner will check in with you throughout the treatment but if you are experiencing any pain please them know
It depends on the size, depth, and sensitivity of the scar. Your practitioner will discuss this with you at your initial visit.
We can work on scars from breast reductions, amputations, appendectomy, hysterectomy, as well as shoulder, elbow, knee and hip surgery and much more!

This treatment is not appropriate for: use during pregnancy, in regions with tumours or cancer, on clients with open wounds or infections, or for clients with a pacemaker.

Scar Release Treatment is provided under Chiropractic Care and as a stand alone service. Find out the availability, pricing and booking options for this service.

Complementary Services

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Chiropractic Care

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