Pediatric physiotherapy treats infants, children and youth with congenital conditions, orthopedic and neurological injuries. The WOMB’s pediatric physiotherapists help to improve your child’s gross motor skills and mobility. At The WOMB, we use a client and family centered approach to care, working with you to identify your child’s goals and to create an individualized treatment program. The physiotherapist will use a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise prescription through fun and functional activities.

Areas of Practice:

  • Baby Milestone Check-ups
  • Torticollis (tight neck) and Plagiocephaly (flat head)
  • Developmental Delay
  • Motor delay that may be associated with genetic or neurodevelopmental disorders, such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, hypotonia, etc.
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Pediatric Services

Our WOMB Pediatric Physiotherapists are highly experienced at working with babies and children of all ages. They use a hands on, fun, and play-based approach, and tailor sessions to the specific needs of each family.

Some common reasons to see a Pediatric Physiotherapist include:

• Torticollis (tight neck) and Plagiocephaly (Flat head)
• Developmental delay
• Motor Delay
• NDT (Neurodevelopmental Treatment)
• Myofascial Release
• Manual Orthopaedic Therapy
• Gait Training
• Functional Strengthening
• Stretching
• Education and exercises to work on at home

Our Team

Kiren Kaloty

Pediatric Physiotherapist

Kiren is registered to practice in the province of Ontario by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Danica Petre

Pediatric Physiotherapist

Danica is an experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist, who has dedicated her career to working with children..

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Complementary Services

At The WOMB Vaughan, we have an entire integrative health team that can work collaboratively to provide the best possible combination of care to you and your family. Here are a few services that work well in conjunction with Pediatric Physiotherapy. Please contact us anytime to help you put together the best team for your needs!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps people engage and participate in the activities and roles that are meaningful to them. In adults these range from self-care activities (sleep, toileting, intimacy) to productive activities (working, childcare, caregiving) to leisure activities (social interaction, hobbies). In children, occupations may include eating, sleeping, playing, building independence, and participating in school or activities.

Speech & Language Therapy

Our WOMB SLP’s work with infants, toddlers, and school aged children. They also work with individuals with Autism or other developmental disabilities. A Speech-Language Pathologist will conduct a detailed assessment and provide recommendations and/ or a therapy plan that best suits the individual's needs. Our WOMB SLP’s and CDA’s use a play based and family centred approach to engage the kids and achieve maximum results!

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can transform the health of the whole family, ranging from newborn babies, to children to older adults. It is a manual therapy used to put the body into optimal alignment and restore nervous system function, while also reducing pain, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and reducing stress.