I’m having a hard time believing that next year is going to be better than this.

Every morning I wake up with the thought “here we go” and then I remember, HOPE.

I’m hopeful for the time when we get to go back to seeing the people we love, doing the things we love, and finding joy from outside sources, rather than from within.

With that being said, I do NOT want to return to who I was before Covid.

I do not want to leave behind the incredible messages and lessons I’ve learned. I want to reflect on the experiences and emotions that came to the surface and threw me off course and the incredible toolbox I built for my resilience. I want to stay focused on gratitude.

This is why I HATE New Year’s resolutions. They never work for me. I think it is just pressure we put on ourselves to make the changes in our lives that we think will bring us joy. They only make me feel worse about myself. Now I balk at resolutions and focus on shifting my perspective for the new year.

Will you join me in the challenge?

Let’s THINK DIFFERENTLY about the changes we want to make and how to invite others in to support our success. In my experience, the best success is the one where you are accountable to someone else because if you were actually accountable to yourself you would have made the changes already. I believe that strength comes from reaching out and asking for help instead of hiding and trying, often struggling, to be successful on your own.

If you feel tired, weighed down and lack energy, look in your fridge, look at your friends and reach out to a professional to help you find better habits and routines that work for you.

If you struggle with getting your needs met, find someone who will help you learn to use your voice. Figure out how you can feel confident saying the things you want and expressing the feelings you have. All of your feelings are valid, it helps understanding how others perceive them differently than you do .

If there is chaos in your house, routines such as bedtime and eating are difficult, and transitions are exhausting, then it is time to look at shifting those routines and bringing in a better flow to your house. Take the time to look at how many minutes every activity takes and where efficiency can relieve chaos. Ask for ideas from a variety of people and make it your own. Don’t make excuses, take action.

If you are anxious, worried or overthinking everything, reach out and find a friend, a therapist, or a group online, where are you can express your feelings and find support. The feelings that live inside of you can take over your brain in a negative way if you do not share them with other people. Imagine… if you can find the hope that change can happen.

Imagine… if you feel successful in the decisions you make.

Imagine… if you can be in a partnership with friends and loved ones where your needs are met with respect instead of negativity.

Imagine… if you can have the time and energy for the activities and hobbies that bring you joy.

Imagine… the life you want.


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