Back pain is commonly experienced by pregnant women, but it doesn’t have to define your pregnancy🤰 – nor does it have to be a painful experience.

Why does back pain happen during pregnancy?

Back pain often occurs in pregnant women during the fifth to seventh months of pregnancy. At this time, the baby👶 causes a pregnant woman’s centre of gravity to shift, thereby putting stress on the lower and middle back. Called pelvic girdle pain (PGP), this condition causes pain in an area spanning from the middle lower back area all the way around to the hips and pubic bone.

But that’s just one of the causes of back pain. During pregnancy, a woman’s body produces a hormone called relaxin; besides causing joints and ligaments to relax, it also contributes to back pain. Additionally, the extra weight placed on pelvic ligaments by the uterus adds to already present aches.

As their pelvis shifts forward, many women naturally lean backward to compensate. However, because this increases the curve of their lower back, this re-alignment can cause lower back pain. 

How can I lessen back pain during pregnancy?

The good news is that there are several things you can do to mitigate back pain. Pregnancy is an extraordinary time for a woman, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be one marked by pain.

Try out these simple tricks to help you deal with back pain during pregnancy.🤰

1. Stand and deliver 

Mother was right when she said posture is important, and it’s something that remains relevant as ever during a pregnancy. 

To accommodate the shift in your centre of gravity, try to stand up straight instead of tilting backwards. Make sure your posture is at its best by following these tips:

• Stand up tall

• Hold your chest high

• Keep your shoulders back and relaxed

• Don’t lock your knees

Take a break if you get tired while on your feet, but do your best to stand properly. Your back will thank you later.

2. Choose shoes (that fit your situation)

As an expectant mother with a lot on her mind, you may not be prioritizing how you accessorize with your maternity clothes However, there’s one piece of fashion that is mandatory for pregnant women: low-heeled shoes.👡

Before getting to the explanation, let’s list the fashion no-no’s for pregnant women:

• High heels👠 are completely out of the question. Not only will your Louboutins put tremendous pressure on your back, but will also disrupt your sense of balance.

• Flats are also out. Although these are good for balance, flats don’t provide any arch support.

As such, low-heeled shoes are the best choice for pregnant women, and that’s because of their good arch support. Coordinate a pair of these with a cute maternity sundress, and you’ll be ready to go comfortably strolling down the street as you cradle your baby bump.👶

3. Catch a snooze on the side

Being pregnant is an exhausting process.🛌🏾 As your baby grows inside you, It’s important that you get proper rest on a regular basis to help you recuperate.

To get a relaxing and comfortable sleep, be sure to turn on your side to take pressure off your back. Bend one or both or your knees. Try using pregnancy or support pillows underneath the curves of your bent knees, abdomen, and back.

It might take some getting used to, but this comfy position will bring you much needed rest!💤

4. Heat up, cool down

To relieve back pain naturally, consider using heat and cold therapy to improve your circulation and lessen your pain.

• Ice🧊: During the first 48 to 72 hours of acute back pain, try applying an ice pack for 15 minutes to ease swelling.

• Heat🔥: To enhance circulation and relieve aching, use a heat pack on the affected area for 15 minutes.

5. Put this under your belt 

Maternity belts are a supportive undergarment that may help some women suffering from pelvic girdle pain. A maternity belt provides support for the belly to relieve pressure on the pelvic girdle and lower back. It is most useful in situations where bellies are markedly protruding outwards, providing a substitute for your abdominal core muscles.

6. Consider complementary therapies

If you’ve tried all of these remedies without success, you’re not out of options yet. The WOMB offers a number of services to help women at all stages of the fertility cycle.

In addition to our educational courses, pregnant women can take part in these services:

Chiropractic care: This manual therapy is used to put the body into alignment, helping women with fertility, pregnancy related pain, and the post-partum period. Chiropractic care focuses on restoring function to the nervous system so that the body can work optimally and heal itself naturally, allowing you to achieve an optimal state of well-being.

Acupuncture: This gentle and effective therapy is part of a tradition that dates back thousands of years. Generally quite painless, the practice involves inserting tiny needles along energy meridians as a way to improve physical and mental health.

Prenatal massage💆: Our Registered Massage Therapists are highly experienced and have additional training in prenatal massage. Through their work, they can help you to relax and release tension.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy: Pelvic Health Physiotherapy can help women prepare for childbirth, as well as to restore and recover the core and pelvic floor afterwards.

At The WOMB, pregnant women can get the support and attention they need to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.🤱

7. Medication

If you find the pain to be unbearable, you may want to consider taking over-the-counter medication such as acetaminophen.💊 However, refrain from using ibuprofen and other NSAIDs due to their risk of causing low amniotic fluid and heart issues in babies.

If your back pain persists or you have any other medical concerns, be sure to consult a trust health professional.

Don’t let back pain derail the beautiful process that is your pregnancy!🤰 

Do you want to learn more about women’s health? Read our blog to learn about naturopathic medicine, or to discover the experiences of other new mothers! Check out our workshops for pregnant mothers here!

Got questions or any concerns? Be sure to contact us; we’re always ready to help!🤱

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