Diary of a New Mom⁠

Prior to becoming a mom for the first time, I had wonderful expectations of what motherhood would be like. I pictured everything that Hallmark and the media would have you believe… A smiling, easy baby, who sleeps through the night and settles into a schedule “just like that”. ⁠

My daughter was born and reality set in hard and fast. Sleep deprivation hit me like a ton of bricks. And though breast-feeding may be a very natural act, it certainly did not come naturally! Nursing was something both my daughter and I had to learn, and it was several days and many tears shed before we figured it out. ⁠

Becoming a mom was the most thrilling and terrifying time of my life. I now realize that there are many things that people didn’t tell me that I sincerely wish I had known in advance. For example, when newborns wake in the middle of the night, they need to be fed AND changed, which can take a good hour, and by the time everyone has settled and gone back to sleep, baby wakes up again for the next feeding! What I have come to realize is that people, new moms in particular, do NOT talk about these uncomfortable but significant tidbits. I imagine they feel embarrassed, or perhaps as though they have failed somehow, if they talk openly about the challenges we new moms face. Being a new mom is spectacular, but it is HARD. ⁠

When I finally found some mothers that I could open up and talk to you about my true feelings – the fears, joys, frustrations, and delights, it helped ENORMOUSLY. By talking to others, I learned that I don’t have to be perfect. I learned that there would be bad days, weeks, and even months. But I also learned that I’m not alone. Finding someone to talk to, with whom to share my feelings and experiences was critical. ⁠


📱Who do you know that is pregnant or a new mom? If you or anyone else you would like support during this transition to parenthood, please call us or book online. We are here and ready to help!⁠