We have always taken careful precautions to ensure you
and your family have a safe visit to
The WOMB Vaughan. Here is what you can expect from your visit:

• Our clinic and all touch points (door handles, credit card machine, bathrooms) are cleaned regularly throughout the day.

• Our entire clinic is professionally cleaned 3 times every week.

• Practitioners take great care to ensure each room and any materials used are cleaned and sanitized after each client.

• Any and all surfaces touched by guests such as couches, benches, chairs, desks, treatments tables, etc. are all disinfected after each client.

• We use a botanical based disinfectant that is not only effective and approved for use during Covid, but also safe for all of our clients including those who are pregnant and babies.

• Each staff member and health care practitioner actively screen themselves every day before EVERY shift and are required to sign off on their completed screening.

• All clients are screened 3 times.

   1. When booking an appointment over the phone.

   2. Six hours before any appointment by email via a COVID-19 screening questionnaire which        must be filled out before attending the appointment

   3. Upon entry, signage will prompt clients to self screen before entering the centre.

• Clients are asked to wear a mask and to either use the provided hand sanitizer that meets WHO standards or wash hands with soap and water in the nearby washroom. Clients may also choose to wear a level 1 medical mask for their appointment which we have available in the clinic.

• The clinic physical spaces and interactions are designed and marked to minimize contact between individuals not in the same household, ensuring a minimum physical distancing of 3 metres.

• Your health care practitioner follows the guidelines established by their professional colleges by scheduling enough time between clients to increase the probability that you will go directly into your appointment without waiting. These guidelines also include use of PPE appropriate to the type of treatment you are receiving. This may include gloves, gowns, masks (mandatory) and face shields.

• We are currently following all guidelines with regards to availability and capacity limits of in person classes, groups and workshops.

• A system is in place to notify any clients if they could have potentially come in contact with someone with COVID-19.

Have any other questions about how The WOMB Vaughan is keeping
you and your family safe?

Connect with us at hello@thewombvaughan.ca.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!