The Best Foods to Eat While Pregnant

Since an expectant mother is eating for two, it’s very important to eat the right foods during a pregnancy. A pregnant woman needs to eat a balanced diet that can provide the necessary nutrients for building a healthy baby.  For a well-rounded eating plan during pregnancy, an expectant mother’s diet should consist of whole grains, […]

What are the Effects of Estrogen in Pregnancy?

A clogged milk duct is something that many mothers may encounter when nursing. Some women compare this condition to having a “pebble in your breast”, and experience discomfort and heightened sensitivity.

How to deal with back pain while pregnant

Back pain is commonly experienced by pregnant women, but it doesn’t have to define your pregnancy🤰 – nor does it have to be a painful experience. Why does back pain happen during pregnancy? Back pain often occurs in pregnant women during the fifth to seventh months of pregnancy. At this time, the baby👶 causes a […]

My Cesarean Birth & Recovery Story

Earlier this month, my beautiful 3rd daughter Leah celebrated her second birthday. In honour of April being Cesarean Birth Awareness Month,

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

In a nutshell…. Naturopathic medicine uses natural remedies to help the body heal from the inside. It embraces many modalities, including herbs, homeopathy, supplements, acupuncture, lifestyle, and nutritional counselling. ⁠