A clogged milk duct is something that many mothers may encounter when nursing. Some women compare this condition to having a “pebble in your breast”, and experience discomfort and heightened sensitivity.

When fertility becomes an issue for couples trying to conceive, many people look for alternative solutions.

Earlier this month, my beautiful 3rd daughter Leah celebrated her second birthday. In honour of April being Cesarean Birth Awareness Month,

Did you know that every 7 minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart disease or stroke? According to Statistics Canada,

The recognition that we, as a community, as a society, and as a world, can all be impacted by things out of our control.

Such a simple concept, but not such a simple action. We hear it all the time, put your oxygen mask on first right? So then why is it so HARD?!⁠

This day was created in 2010 as a way to raise awareness and acceptance around mental health. Bell Let's Talk is focused on engaging Canadians to take action to create positive change in mental health. ⁠

In a nutshell.... Naturopathic medicine uses natural remedies to help the body heal from the inside. It embraces many modalities, including herbs, homeopathy, supplements, acupuncture, lifestyle, and nutritional counselling. ⁠

Every morning I wake up with the thought “here we go” and then I remember, HOPE.